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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Becky & Liam had the perfect summer solstice wedding at the Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Here's a snapshot of their perfect day. Wedding shenanigans on a bouncy castle, curious cows in a field and the most amazing sunset... ending with toasting marshmallows by a fire pit.

The Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury is a perfect venue; with everything happening in one place there is less chaos and stress. It also has to be said that the wedding coordinators, and the whole team, are some of the best I have worked with in the industry. They made sure everything was smooth running and nothing was missed. The adjacent barns and cottages were ideal for getting ready, with the bride and groom separated by a small lawn... you could feel the anticipation and excitement. With walk ways and fields all around the venue there was so much photographic potential. A few curious cows and the most amazing 10pm sunset! (yes 10pm, it's important to factor in the time of year you're getting married, and when sunset is).

Getting ready...

With the whole wedding party staying at the venue, there were lots of fun giggles about "Grooms section" and "Bridal Party section" - I was running between the two and just loved the atmosphere.

The ceremony...

With all it's history the great barn has an atmosphere thats comforting and timeless.

I think we can agree...

we all want our significant other to well up when they see us walking down the aisle!

Capturing this moment was so pure and emotive. You just can't re-enact such emotion!

Countryside & curious cows!

Before the wedding breakfast we went for a walk across one of the fields next to the Barn. Becky, our bride, a country girl at heart, astounded me walking so gracefully across a grassy field in the highest heels I've ever seen! I asked to take a picture of her shoes walking across the filed as I'm sure people would not believe me otherwise. In this scenario (walking in a wedding gown) I've seen it all, from piggy backs, to managing it in heels, to changing into comfy flats. Anything goes!

The cows were lots of fun, peering over the wall and giving the occasional curious moo!

Wedding Bouncy Castle...

I have wanted to attend a wedding with a bouncy castle for so long... and it did not disappoint. Check out these awesome freeze frames!


Choosing a venue with open west facing ground has so many benefits when it comes to your wedding photography. From golden hour (the hour when the sun is low in the sky) to the actual sunset.

Has some an amazing stretch down the side of the barn cottages, over looking some beautiful fields and the edge of Tetbury town in the distance.

It is not a far walk from the venue at all, in fact its right there on site and a mere 1 min walk from the great barn! Perfect for a quick dash off the dance floor, get a few snaps done, and then continue partying the night away!

Here are some of my favourites from this iconic location.

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