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Updated: May 12, 2023

Mr & Mrs King's perfect summer wedding at Hardwick Hall Hotel, with the most incredible sunset by the lake. When I say my style is Cinematic, this is exactly what I mean with photos as if taken from a movie!

Getting ready...

The celebration suite at Hardwick hall hotel has everything you could possibly wish for and is absolutely perfect for a busy wedding morning. With two bedrooms, a main bedroom, large lounge area and lots of natural light to keep MUAs' and photographers alike happy, I could not ask for more!

The Ceremony...

Such a gorgeous setting for an intimate family wedding with enough room for all your guests too. The balcony was perfect for capturing that first kiss shot too.

I really enjoyed my time at Hardwick Hall Hotel, the whole set up and experience was an absolute pleasure to work with. So 1many photographic opportunities from the grounds the Hotel sits within,. As I always mention to my couples, having good open space around your venue (360 if you can get it) lends for capturing a possible sunset and that beautiful golden hour when the sun is low in the sky just before setting. Water is something to consider too, a river, pond or lake offering amazing reflections and light elevates a wedding image and creates a dreamy romantic setting.

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