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The Hamper

how your wedding photography is delivered...



Set aside an evening for you and your love.
Pop a bottle of fizz, light the candle, wrap up in a cosy blanket and enjoy reliving your amazing day while feeding each other chocolates!

Non-Alcoholic, Free from & Vegan all covered!


The hamper has been created full of goodies for a cosy evening in. Many people don't realise how emotional receiving your wedding photography can be, not to mention a full day is between 300-500 images! I may have captured a moment at a slightly different perspective to how you remember it...  Those moments where your spouse has looked at you without you knowing... and all the little details you don't necessarily see!   My job is to capture the story of you day in a series of beautifully captured freeze frames. The best description I've heard is that the images are as if you could jump into them. 

Most smart TVs allow you to plug in a USB which is a great way to view your photography. This along with the goodies in the hamper can really create the perfect viewing experience. I cant wait for you to receive yours!

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